Aljay Mini Set 17 Notable Music with Quilted Musical Runner

These musical designs are perfect for making a project for your music room, or music corner! They can also be used to decorate the bedroom of a child with a passion for music! This set includes 4 designs to fit the 4x4 inch (100x100mm) hoop size, 3 designs to fit the 5x7 inch (127x178 mm) hoop size and 3 designs to fit the 6x10 inch (255x145mm) hoop size. Included with the set are the instructions for making the musical runner depicted below. Projects also made with this set, instructions NOT included, are two piano stools which were re-upholstered.

Hoop size: 4x4, 5x7 and 6x10
Stitch density: Normal to high


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