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The home of quality digital embroidery designs for the home machine embroiderer

Aljay Embroidery Designs

Aljay Embroidery Designs started in May 2005.

The business is operated by a single designer who strives to provide quality digital embroidery designs for the home machine embroiderer.

Wide Range of designs styles from classic to funky

At Aljay Designs you will find a wide range of embroidery design styles, from realistic floral to classic Jacobean, applique, animals etc.

All designs tested

All the designs are personally tested by the designer to ensure high quality, and a sample design is usually provided so that quality can be checked before committing to a purchase.

Many sets include detailed project instructions

Many of the sets include a suggested project with full step by step instructions on how to complete the project

How the site works

Design sets and singles

Most designs are marketed in sets with various quantities of designs in each set. Very occasionally the designs are also available as singles.


Designs are organized by category, for example crewel, roses, wreathes etc. If you choose "All" you can scroll through all design sets.

Terms of use

Each design is copy written. You can use the designs on your own home embroidery machine, and sell items made with the designs, but you may not share the digital design itself.